Successful Document Examination

Accessibility Statements

Empower your visitors. Establish your commitment to accessibility.

If you are considering testing your products, why not pair your audit with a customized corporate accessibility statement? This can be displayed on your website, or included in marketing collateral. An accessibility statement has two primary functions. Initially, it will provide your viewers and users with clear information about the target level of accessibility for your products and services, as well as the methods used to achieve those targets.

A declaration of your efforts: current and future.

By understanding your organization’s needs, we will tailor an accessibility statement to demonstrate your future dedication to maintaining accessibility. It is an affirmation of involvement in the accessibility community. People visiting your website or viewing your marketing documents, particularly those with disabilities, will appreciate the open acknowledgement that accessibility is a key driver for your business model.

More than 50% of those Americans with disabilities are in their working years, from 18-64.

(U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey,2011)