Clock to show the importance of staying current

Staying Current

Every time you blink, something else is being upgraded or updated.

So are we.

As a means to staying current to the needs of people with disabilities, Accessibility Partners, a champion of disability advocacy, is proud that over 75% of the company’s workforce is comprised of a person with a disability. These workers are all extremely skilled with technology, as all have backgrounds with computer science and information technology. In fact, a lot of our staff enjoys beta testing new applications for accessibility conformance as a personal interest to stay up to date on technologies. This is just one way they are able to stay well-rounded and professional knowledgeable about what the cutting edge products are.

Call us nerds. We’ll take it as a compliment!

Our tech-y staff is necessary not just to provide a unique testing method, but to also help move forward with disability advocacy and Section 508. We are all very much involved in the impending refresh of Section 508, as well as experts on the new legislation of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Much of the team participates on monthly disability calls, especially monthly White House Disability Outreach calls, as a way to keep abreast of the most modern issues facing the country today. You might find us hanging out at the FCC or Department of Justice—we like to sit in the front at their discussions and accessibility roundtables.

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Accessibility Partners also enjoys a hands-on approach to staying current with Section 508. Members of our staff have been published or featured in diverse publications such as CNN Money, ABC Good Money, NPR’s Marketplace, Fast Company,, Washington Examiner, National Federation of Independent Businesses and other outlets talking about Section 508 as well as the greater theme of accessibility in the workplace for now and the future.

Accessibility Partners was thrilled to recently win a Stevie Award for Women in Business for Best Executive, as well as nominations for best small business and most innovative business. One of our principal partners, Dana, was 1st Runner up for a case study she wrote and presented to the George Washington University School of Business, and their Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence. Following the award ceremony, it was ultimately published in a reputable Prentice-Hall national college textbook.

Dana has also been thrilled to receive the Cystic Fibrosis Award for Top 35 professionals in Maryland. Additionally, she was the cover story for Washington Technology magazine as well as received their distinguished Rising Star Award. The Rising Star program recognizes people early in their careers who are having a positive impact on the government.