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Mobile Application Testing

Mobile devices and their applications are ubiquitous. You might be reading our website from a tablet or a phone. Perhaps you are ordering a pizza for dinner from the train. Or, you’re playing a game from your dentist’s chair while you wait for the Novocaine to kick in. Maybe, you’re putting the final touches on your spreadsheets before you present it to your boss.
The definition of the workplace is changing to include everywhere. With no geographic barriers, offices rely on mobile apps to allow their staff to work on the go. To ensure maximum productivity, applications need to be accessible.

1 out of every 3 households in America interacts regularly with a person with a disability

Tell us about your app! What makes it work, and who is your intended audience? By knowing these fundamental details, we can create an audit plan that ensures your app reaches the highest level of accessibility, all while aligning with your business needs.
Whether developed for Android, iOS (Apple), and Windows 8-style platforms, our subject matter experts will audit following Section 508 and other accessibility requirements. The testers have used a variety of assistive technologies like screen readers and magnifiers to specifically seek out areas on inaccessibility on these mobile apps.