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Cloud Computing

Looking for a silver lining?
Cloud computing can help people with disabilities gain access where they previously would not have been able.
Talk about being on cloud nine.
Our accessibility engineers have manually tested client-side applications for managing cloud resources with graphical interfaces. Members of our team have worked to insert the role of accessibility into the developmental fabric that comprises cloud technology. Accessibility Partners is well versed in applications, such as security, health care, and management applications, that function in the cloud.
By personalizing the experience of a user with disabilities, we can create a situation where they can interact with their environment in a way that wasn’t possible before. Through utilization of the proper assistive technology products, our accessibility engineers have created a methodology for cloud testing. In conjunction with your feedback, we can formulate and simulate an environment that best mirrors a real-world user with disabilities. By going into cloud applications with automated test tools, we will be able to discern any accessibility deficiencies that might cause problems or limitations. During a potential engagement, we would test all applications under the desired user setting to best emulate a typical scenario.

Over 60 million Americans have at least one disability.