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Corporate Disability Audits

Not sure where you stack up? Are you in need of some best practices?

We can get you moving up to the next level!

Accessibility Partners expertly conducts disability assessments and audits. We focus on equal employment programs, diversity management programs, and employment accommodation service programs. Members of our staff partner with your organization to review, analyze, and understand your current processes. Working together, we identify gaps and help you develop effective policies.

Over 60 million Americans have at least one disability. This is one of the largest and fastest growing minority groups, and it is not limited by demographic boundaries.

Our audits yield accurate results that translate to powerful solutions. We turn the voices of many, generated through surveys and focus groups, into one actionable plan for your organization to implement.

Accessibility Partners develops survey instruments based on a qualitative approach, allowing for more diversity in responses. This gives us the ability to discern common themes, which in turn leads to more effective recommendations for policies.

We are perceptive to the needs and accommodations of people with disabilities in the workplace. We have extensive experience conducting interviews and focus groups for our clients. Accessibility Partners has planned and conducted comprehensive one-on-one interviews for clients, including employees with disabilities.

Our goal is to get you moving up to the next level with your methodologies. Accessibility Partners is with you every step of the way; from surveys to focus groups to interviews, we collaborate with your staff to provide suggestions for addressing deficiencies and improving services.

Have our people talk to your people!

Number of adults with hearing trouble: 37.1 million