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White Papers

Bragging is a good thing. Don’t hide why you’re the best.

A white paper can advocate that your accessibility position is one of the best when compared to your competitors. It will demonstrate your commitment to accessibility, and can be used as a marketing differentiator. Your white paper will be tailored to your organization, and the exact accessibility mission and purpose that you will be working around. Our talented and passionate writers will help you argue for a specific accessibility position for your products and services.

After all, we’re all on the same team.

Since many of your potential customers will be finding your white paper via your website, this is an excellent way to show them that you have researched the accessibility facets of your products or services, and are proud to display them publicly. Our persuasive publication will help your desired audience and other related demographics not only understand the value that accessibility plays in your organization, but also make key decisions that can boost your revenue and profits as well.

* we won’t tell if you hang it up on your refrigerator *