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We make accessibility personal.

Accessibility Partners uses engineers with and without disabilities when testing your software products. This is the most successful way to determine true accessibility.

Our testing procedures are varied and robust. They invoke our very identity of coupling disability advocacy with accessibility. Members of our staff leverage the right combination of automated tools, assistive technologies, and human testers to achieve the most reliable and accurate results.

Experienced testers use automated tools to uncover low-risk, high volume issues that indicate the need for further manual testing. Our skilled team of experts employs the proper testing tools to emulate the experience of a user with a disability. We use screen readers, screen magnifiers, refreshable Braille displays, speech recognition software, and other assistive hardware and software to ensure the most accurate test results.

The Accessibility Partners team includes engineers and testers with disabilities to include blindness, low vision, Hard of Hearing, Deafness, and mobility impairments. This team enables us to test, audit, and make recommendations from the actual perspective of those intended to benefit from accessibility compliance regulations like Section 508. Our testers and engineers with disabilities use assistive technology on a daily basis for personal use, giving us authentic, firsthand experience when engaging assistive hardware and software technologies for testing.

Accessibility Partners combines our personal touch with deep expertise in accessibility testing, validation, and verification. We are confident that our approach is superior to other methods.

We leave no stone unturned during a software audit. By thoroughly becoming acquainted with your product in a real scenario involving people with disabilities, we can reduce potential long-term costs. Because our team unearths more accessibility issues, we can discover more potential errors in-house, saving you time and resources in correcting them.

Locate and solve accessibility issues before your product is in the hands of your end users. Get in touch to find out how.