Goofing off with Accessibility Partners!

Did you know that March 22 is International Goof Off Day? Because Accessibility Partners has a remote workforce, typical office hijinks don’t happen. That’s not to say we don’t occasionally goof up and goof around! Being separated by a couple hundred or thousand miles across the United States just makes our gaffes more ridiculous, because there’s typically an electronic record. And we make memes of them.

Below, some of our staff shares a few of their silly goofs around the office. Feel free to laugh with or at us. We can all take a joke, especially today!

Dana: One time, we had a client about to demo their SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) product. We were on a conference call, and I started talking about our eLearning capabilities. Suffice it to say there were crickets for a few seconds before the client politely corrected me that this was a SCOM, not a SCORM product (SCORM is a set of technical standards for e-learning software products). One letter can make a huge difference.

Sharon: I know what Dana’s saying! One time, I addressed an e-mail to a client with the salutation “God morning”. Gave a whole new meaning to TGIF. Another time, I was typing an e-mail, and apparently feeling thirsty. I signed that e-mail with the closing “Have a lovely water”. Oops. Early on at Accessibility Partners, I wasn’t quite up to speed on the jargon, so I changed all instances of the phrase ‘pain points’ to ‘pinpoints’ because obviously, the previous wasn’t a real phrase. Or so I thought. That was a good lesson in trusting my co-workers and then learning a new term.

Ryan: Once, I was running a little behind and joined a conference call just a minute or two late. I hadn’t realized they were in the middle of introductions, so I blurted out, “Hello, this is Ryan!”. Basically, the conference call equivalent to bursting open the door and interrupting a party, like the Kool Aid Man. Now, I join and wait a second to see what’s going on in the call before I make my grand entrance. Kind of felt like the seal below.

A seal with a goofy grin laying right in front of a cluster of penguins. He is clearly interrupting a uniform gathering of penguin, and looking very out of place with his cheesy grin!