Logojoy features our accessibility tips

A July 2017 blog from Logojoy, entitled Expert Round Up: Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design, features our tips and tricks about web accessibility. Quick snapshot below:

Sharon Rosenblatt, Accessibility Partners

“Website design has become an essential part of any business’ success strategy. Having a website that is attractive, responsive and easy to navigate, will ensure a great user experience for your visitors and make them want to return to you.

Use fonts which are easy for your visitors to read – there is nothing more irritating to a consumer who is trying to navigate around a website than not being able to easily understand the written content. Select colours and fonts that are in line with your brand’s tone of voice, but ensure they are simple and clear.

It is also a good idea to ensure you have a navigation bar at the top of your website, which is present on all the pages on your site. This will allow your visitors to easily navigate their way around your website and find their way back to the homepage.

Don’t include too much copy or media in your website; overloading your site with images or unnecessary videos will only clutter the layout and also make your pages take much longer to load.”