How Do Successful Entrepreneurs Start the Workday?

Shared with LivePlan the secrets to stay productive and focused on the mornings before work. Here’s the full article, and Dana’s quote is below:


3. With a great workout

Channeling competitive drive into exercise

As an entrepreneur, you’re likely somewhat competitive by nature; after all, you created a product or service because you felt that you could do it faster, smarter, cheaper, or somehow better than the competition.

Competitive drive is so essential to entrepreneurship that it often spills over into other aspects of entrepreneurs’ lives. “Since I’m pretty competitive at my startup, I’ve taken that ferocity to my morning workouts too—what began as training for my first 5K just a year and a half ago is now serious training for a half marathon,” says Dana Marlowe of Accessibility Partners.

Focusing her competitive energy into a workout also helps Marlowe mentally prepare for the day ahead, before work actually begins. “I plug in my headphones to an indie music playlist, learn some new songs, and get myself into the groove before I hit my inbox,” she says.