6 Innovative Tools That Make Travel More Accessible

We were featured in a blog by Epicure & Culture blog about accessible travel. Here is the full article, and our tip is below.

Dana Marlowe wearing OrCam

3) OrCam MyEye

These glasses have an in-built optical character recognition software that makes it possible for people who are blind or have impaired vision to convert visual data into spoken words. The user scans the words and these are then read aloud into his or her earpiece. It is a remarkable tool for reading signs, restaurant menus or maps while traveling.

4) eSight

This breakthrough device helps people with low vision see better. The eSight electronic glasses contain a small, high speed camera which captures everything the user looks at. The live video stream is immediately sent to a computer which processes every pixel. The image is then transformed in a way that can be enhanced, zoomed or used with color contrast in real-time.