From the Source: Women in Tech Jobs Share Their Stories

Accessibility Partners was honored to be in this update from Capterra on women in technology.

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Sharon Rosenblatt, director of communications and document remediation specialist at Accessibility Partners, says she was pointed towards her career in tech when “lamenting [her] job-finding crisis” to Dana Marlowe, the founder of Accessibility Partners.

Although Rosenblatt majored in English, Marlowe saw promise in her and “helped [her] break into the field of accessibility [in tech].”

Rosenblatt adds:

While the conferences I attend still seem mostly male, I’d say accessibility has bucked the trend of being fully male-dominated, and it’s a great field for developers or coders who have a different type of client experience. Working in the field of accessibility has only made me want to stay in technology, and I’m glad my job became my passion.

Because of direct support from another woman in tech, Rosenblatt says:

I went from not really knowing how someone who is blind uses the Internet to speaking at conferences on ways people can code to make websites more accessible, and other development suggestions on a more technical level. Dana has made me realize you can still keep a people focus in technology when you can focus on the end user’s experience, and not just be a cog in web design.